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22-Mar, 2021



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Us Always
Us Always 4 oy oldin
The music video is going to dope af🔥🔥
Keegan Bayer
Keegan Bayer Oy oldin
Don’t curse! As fuck? Using it in a family channel?! This is the green ration today generation
Wendy Espinoza
Wendy Espinoza 4 oy oldin
@Erica Perez and idk xi
____teee Lee
____teee Lee 4 oy oldin
Omg this is dopeeeee ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Amy Setzer
Amy Setzer 4 oy oldin
Sydnie Arellano
Sydnie Arellano 4 oy oldin
Stephanie you please give me a 🔥🔥
Bibi Too
Bibi Too 22 kun oldin
i was just watching, but when Benny started playing the piano and singing i was watching watching... 80s vibes 😎
Keegan Bayer
Keegan Bayer Oy oldin
There’s a reason you ALMOST GOT ARRESTED. Cuz you did something wrong!
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 2 oy oldin
Just let Maria dance all sexy, showing all kinds of sweet cleavage and then twert it minus the panties, film will be a success. one last think leave bo out he's ruining the movie.
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 2 oy oldin
Benny the posser
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 2 oy oldin
Bo"s girl just got to bend over and twerk that big ole booty and the shoot is a success.
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 2 oy oldin
And then the white guys show up
Vicky_0454 3 oy oldin
Yeah I don't like us always there drama af
Karen H.
Karen H. 3 oy oldin
The minorities part.💯🤟🏼🗣 L a b e l s are crap.
El650Jefe 3 oy oldin
Benny looking like a whole Norteno in this vid
Maliq Lester
Maliq Lester 3 oy oldin
Yoooo this cop is a tyrant he’s mad cause your filming even though it’s your first amendment right you really should’ve said my permit is the constitution cause filming is a right smh it’s just like saying u need a permit to talk or some dumb shit like that
Fabi Ben
Fabi Ben 3 oy oldin
Thats stewy films fool is a idot for saying were not filming nothing thats the oakland way the claimed smh
Jewel Magadan
Jewel Magadan 3 oy oldin
I wanted to see the food! 😂
Elizabeth Cabello
“We not filming” The camera:🎥🥸
Nayely x.o
Nayely x.o 3 oy oldin
Okay Bennyyyyy I see you with the Justin Bieber 'Baby' dance movesssss
Edith Moreno
Edith Moreno 3 oy oldin
How was the cop a asshole and then at the end be like “I can’t tell you to film at park but....” 🤦🏻‍♀️maybe try catching actual bad guys not people trynna make a living🥴
Junior B
Junior B 3 oy oldin
I wish I could get a sugar momma like her
Erica Godoy
Erica Godoy 3 oy oldin
Janjan Janjan
Janjan Janjan 3 oy oldin
Name of the song at the ending of this video please
Elsa Gallegos
Elsa Gallegos 4 oy oldin
LIPPKE FAM 4 oy oldin
Cnt wait
Kas Esparza
Kas Esparza 4 oy oldin
Why am I getting CB vibes 😍😍😍😍
Janette Ortiz
Janette Ortiz 4 oy oldin
Aww I love it
Jennyyy Mua
Jennyyy Mua 4 oy oldin
This music video is about to be 👀🔥🔥
Jennyyy Mua
Jennyyy Mua 4 oy oldin
I mean idk but that cop was kinda cute lmaoo 👀
Rachel Pena
Rachel Pena 4 oy oldin
that cop not good
Chelsea Ortiz
Chelsea Ortiz 4 oy oldin
are we gonna talk about how hostile the cop was acting like damn nothing better to do
Roanne Raylyn
Roanne Raylyn 4 oy oldin
How much weeks is alondra now
Kira ANM
Kira ANM 4 oy oldin
Fire 🔥
S M 4 oy oldin
Damn that jacket Benny is wearing is nice ! Love it ❤️
Victoria Castillo
I respect cops but bro when it’s the ones that think they’re above all of us because they have a badge those piss me off! It’s those types of police officers that give the rest a bad name. Again I respect cops I just don’t understand why some act this way.
Michelle 4 oy oldin
Benny be looking good these days, red looks good on you. Us always as cute as always.
Joshua Quezada
Joshua Quezada 4 oy oldin
Anyone know what the song at the end is called??
____teee Lee
____teee Lee 4 oy oldin
I see a lot of minorities 😂😂😂 Damnnn fr though,
Catherine Rodriguez
OMG BENNY, I went on the site and I put my name catherin and gmail, at first they gave me a choice to not expose what my gender was and then they didn't. I just pressed male in the moment and the site shut down??!? like idk weird
Claudia 4 oy oldin
The old trumpie cop 🤯🤮
Irais Vargas Perez
Let’s talk about how the cops where being racist or maybe unos chismosos like come tf down there just recording a music video why do u guys care 😑😑😑
Irais Vargas Perez
Wth why are they tripping
Macy 4 oy oldin
Was this filmed in Pasadena,Ca? Most racist city of all 😂 cops are 👎🏼
Noemí Cruz
Noemí Cruz 4 oy oldin
Wait can Beau really play the piano? We need more footage? 😂
Rude 1
Rude 1 4 oy oldin
These foos are scared as fuck🤣🤣 stuttering and shit... hilarious
Brian Solis
Brian Solis 4 oy oldin
Shut up benny all scared once they leave he thinks he's tuff 😂
destiny perez
destiny perez 4 oy oldin
Beau is so funnny😂😂😂😂
Amy Setzer
Amy Setzer 4 oy oldin
This is going to be fire, 🔥 I love these power couples, 2021 vibes, see thats what Friendlships are suppose to be about . PERIOD. Everybody has everyone's back!!!!!! LOVE, LAUGH, LIFE....
Hannah Lynn
Hannah Lynn 4 oy oldin
God spent his time on you Benny
Joanna Jade
Joanna Jade 4 oy oldin
❤️❤️❤️ benny lol big movie big hollywood the dog had shoes you guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Caroline Munoz
Caroline Munoz 4 oy oldin
THIS video 🙌🏻 🔥
Erika Jacinto
Erika Jacinto 4 oy oldin
They really said “back in blood” I’m deaddddd🤣
Geo Soto
Geo Soto 4 oy oldin
Fuck slabs
Mv Love
Mv Love 4 oy oldin
It was just the color red guys if y’all in the bay u should know they see red right away they judge off a gang
Janice Holiday
Janice Holiday 4 oy oldin
Every video of Benny is always GOOD & a Must... Making everyone feeling the good vibe of his company, ALWAYS Neverrrrr FAILS...👍
Lina Nguyen
Lina Nguyen 4 oy oldin
The old lady 🥺 soo cutee
Bianca Leal
Bianca Leal 4 oy oldin
Back in blood LMAO I died😂
Olga Y Adan Mendoza
PlayaPosseStacks vers 🔥 at the end of the video benny and him 🔥 track!!!!
Mindy P.
Mindy P. 4 oy oldin
That cop was an ass!
Tatiana Lucero
Tatiana Lucero 4 oy oldin
11:07 beaus crying face 😂💀
Tatiana Lucero
Tatiana Lucero 4 oy oldin
10:04 that moon walk tho lol
Tatiana Lucero
Tatiana Lucero 4 oy oldin
Fucking cops should go on about their business and go save lives not stop someone for trying to record a video tf. The system got their priorities fucked up. I know this video is gonna be lit though! 🔥
Lina Lara
Lina Lara 4 oy oldin
Wtf was that last clip 😂😂😂
Lina Lara
Lina Lara 4 oy oldin
“We can get married right here” Alo: 👀 😂😂
Hailee Marie
Hailee Marie 4 oy oldin
The Cop: Well idk what to tell you guys... WELL DUH there ain’t shit for you to say here, get GONE!
Mrs. BabyDee
Mrs. BabyDee 4 oy oldin
Too much red for me, Blue all day.💙
Ashanty 9800
Ashanty 9800 4 oy oldin
Who else from East Oakland 😜
Bianca Montes
Bianca Montes 4 oy oldin
Im sorry but with all the respect benny is one good looking man ☺️
Baybee- 23
Baybee- 23 4 oy oldin
I love how Benny sees alondras worth🥺
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez 4 oy oldin
I love Maria she’s sooo bomb! It’s gonna be super dope !
Elizabeth Camarena
Video = 🔥
baybeegirlb_ 4 oy oldin
Benny glowin🌟
Nata Gata
Nata Gata 4 oy oldin
That viejita is the one that called the cops😆 her dog had shoes 💀
Laura Perez
Laura Perez 4 oy oldin
the koi fish from Delta 😂😂😂
Enrique Lazaro
Enrique Lazaro 4 oy oldin
Police trip in Pasadena always
mzalem 4 oy oldin
Why did I think your last name was pronounced “Sullivan”.. like a white person 🤣
The Rodriguez Family
Bennys next 10M Video ♥️
Martha Martinez
Martha Martinez 4 oy oldin
Love you videos
Black Jack
Black Jack 4 oy oldin
Let Espinoza
Let Espinoza 4 oy oldin
Yes drop this 🔥🔥🔥
SeaAlina Channel
SeaAlina Channel 4 oy oldin
Congratulations 🍾 All I can say, ‘your a star!’ ⭐️ can’t wait to see the video! I am a xcited for your upcoming music 🎶 videos. Your hard work has definitely paid off. #musicstar #musicvid
Cristal Urtiz
Cristal Urtiz 4 oy oldin
Benny’s videos been lit since day one
Ariiscool 4 oy oldin
US always so annoying
Janet Soeung
Janet Soeung 4 oy oldin
Can’t wait for the song to be released
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 4 oy oldin
of course their had to be a Karen being jealous. she just mad cause you didnt invite her
Karen Romero
Karen Romero 4 oy oldin
Can’t wait to see video
Arely Salcedo
Arely Salcedo 4 oy oldin
I'm attending Delta college right now! I'm from San Diego attending Delta college! Love you and Alondra!!😭
Jennifer V
Jennifer V 4 oy oldin
US sometimes ❤️❤️❤️
Cyn_selene Barajas
Benny is always making me laugh there is no video that he makes me laugh 😆
mauhmama 4 oy oldin
Patty Allen
Patty Allen 4 oy oldin
Love ur videos an especially your music
The Life of Genesis
FTP is all I gotta say
Shauna W
Shauna W 4 oy oldin
he came up on 10 already like why so fucking hostile
Njuhi Maya
Njuhi Maya 4 oy oldin
Benny : You smell good men Beau: I smell like a straight ass 😂😂😂😂
Njuhi Maya
Njuhi Maya 4 oy oldin
The locals huh. I love them😃😃😃
No3ll3 Mayb3rry
No3ll3 Mayb3rry 4 oy oldin
Also you have a 1st amendment to film even in California fyi
No3ll3 Mayb3rry
No3ll3 Mayb3rry 4 oy oldin
I love you and us always together!!!!
Ruby Esparza
Ruby Esparza 4 oy oldin
anyone know the name of the song in the end?
Hilda Hernandez
Hilda Hernandez 4 oy oldin
The old lady and her dog 🥰👵🏼🐩
Lizbet C
Lizbet C 4 oy oldin
I know this was filmed in Pasadena lol they’re so strict out there
Tati Von
Tati Von 4 oy oldin
Support from Chicago 🤝❤️
martina guerra
martina guerra 4 oy oldin
The way the cops try and word fuck you, shows how ruthless they can be
Bloom 4 oy oldin
“Beau jangalang”🤣
Katherine Lopez
Katherine Lopez 4 oy oldin
the quality in this video is so crisppp
I've never seen my best friend this angry..
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