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7-Iyl, 2021



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Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven 22 kun oldin
Sorry for the lack of content. Its been a long week! Hope you guys understand. We'll be back to our normal vlogs in no time! Thank you guys for your patience & continuous support! We love you!
Alexandra Leiva
Alexandra Leiva 7 kun oldin
I will keep all of you guys in my prayers 🙏🏼 Take care of her ❤ at the end it's all worth it 👌🏼 #mommylife is the best you will see take everything you can on pictures, videos because babe time Flys and soon you will see a little man
Maribel Nava
Maribel Nava 14 kun oldin
Cash App@ $justbella24 Venmo@ justbella24
Shay 14 kun oldin
Adriana Duran
Adriana Duran 17 kun oldin
I pray for blessings !! Y’all are the best and anything is possible with God ❤️
Vivian Mateo
Vivian Mateo 17 kun oldin
I Love You More God Bless You All 🙏🏼😘❤️🙏🏼
Deise Castaneda
Deise Castaneda 4 kun oldin
So when will we know baby’s name 😍
Unknown person
Unknown person 5 kun oldin
So what’s the baby’s name? Y’all act like y’all are so famous lmfao just say the fuckin name bigger names have revealed the name in the first video y’all pushing it…
Leslie Lopez
Leslie Lopez 7 kun oldin
Aww does baby boy have a Mongolian birthmark? My baby had 3 on his back and he’s 4 months now and they faded away.
Samanta C
Samanta C 7 kun oldin
As long as you guys have eachother and your family you will be fine💗 hoping for better days for Alondra🙏🏼 you guys should focus on your bundle of joy!!
Valerie Ortega
Valerie Ortega 8 kun oldin
Bennys mom knew he didn’t look like Benny
mikael tvaladze
mikael tvaladze 8 kun oldin
omg I found this UZblockr from dar mann
nadaley o
nadaley o 9 kun oldin
aww benny you're god send
Melvn.y 10 kun oldin
Honestly I love you guys so much but we will be here when you guys are ready, having a baby is hard you guys should take atleast two weeks to rest and enjoy your newborn 🥺
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson 10 kun oldin
I see you on ghar Mann😍💖 I love your video,s🤓💞
Atzirit 10 kun oldin
Benny & Alondra It’s Tough With A Newborn Baby It Gets Better Though You Guys Are So Strong! Take It Day By Day! A Womans Body Goes Through SOOO MUCH Post Partum! And For Dads Its Tough Because You Want To Be Strong For The Fam But Its Okay To Feel Overwhelmed! May God Give Yall Strength To Overcome Any Obstacles Yall Facing!! REMEMBER IT GETS BETTER♥️Prayers To Alondra! & Benny For Sticking Through!
desiree mesa
desiree mesa 11 kun oldin
Baby meeting your fam is so precious❤❤
L Cee
L Cee 11 kun oldin
I hope she gets better soon! And don’t let a stressful experience get to y’all! Most relationships loose their fire after forming a family sometimes too. But wish y’all the best!
Jenn Lopez
Jenn Lopez 11 kun oldin
Fuzzy can mean his has colics THERES a special drops for colics makes the baby feel better!
Jenn Lopez
Jenn Lopez 11 kun oldin
Not easy but at the end worth it I promise it only gets better im teen mom and raise the first one alone on my own for few months while his dad came out of jail it was so difficult for me but gladly over it and my son almost 2 time goes by so fast! I hope alondra gets better ! 🤍
Fernanda Bernal
Fernanda Bernal 11 kun oldin
Had my baby on June 12 and I live so far from my family I cannot wait for my parents to finally meet my baby in person. I got all choked up when benny gave the baby to his mom.
Jes Meza
Jes Meza 11 kun oldin
Y’all are both so strong , you being there for her right now is so important for not just her mental but her physical health , keep being a great dad ✨✨✨
eMilee Rinn
eMilee Rinn 12 kun oldin
You got this Benny!!!! Hang in there mijo you all will be well in no time! One day at a time baby! One day at a time. My mom use to tell me every day you will get a little stronger and she was right! My first was a C- section on now my son is 31 😭 and I still remember the struggle!
eMilee Rinn
eMilee Rinn 12 kun oldin
He is sooooo freakin cute 🥰
Felicia Martinez
Felicia Martinez 12 kun oldin
Congratulations!! His beautiful! Welcome to team no sleep! Alondra you’re so strong girl! Hope youre doing better now!
Vannee 12 kun oldin
Congrats Benny and Alo! When babys are red it means they’re going to be light skin😭❤️ little guerito 🥺🥺🥺
Khouzama Darraj
Khouzama Darraj 12 kun oldin
No neked video s
Abigail Arias
Abigail Arias 12 kun oldin
Being a new dad having the car seat that’s a stroller and still carrying the baby 💕
Julia 13 kun oldin
My first born was also 8lbs 20 inches chino with jaundice. I had so much morning sickness during the pregnancy. Ugh. Hope y’all are all doing better. 💙
dalece ross
dalece ross 13 kun oldin
Benny i love yous
Nena🧿 13 kun oldin
Benny already being a good dad and future husband
Avto Lezhava
Avto Lezhava 13 kun oldin
i know ur story
Helo 13 kun oldin
heard you from dharmann
Eileen Bahuman
Eileen Bahuman 14 kun oldin
Cute Baby 🍼🤩🥰
Mapi14 14 kun oldin
#BeenySoliven. When is the video with Darhman coming out?????
Annachristine Cumbie
I think the baby looks like your mom so much
jessica castillo
jessica castillo 14 kun oldin
Post partum depression is too real and not talked about enough due to the stigma it holds. I hope we can all be patient and Alondra can be open about how everything is going.
Maribel Nava
Maribel Nava 14 kun oldin
Cash App@ $justbella24 Venmo@ justbella24
Melissa Moreno
Melissa Moreno 14 kun oldin
This is a very dumb question, I’m sorry but Is that normal his head shape, like pointing up ? I never seen a baby like that
Adamari Umana
Adamari Umana 14 kun oldin
why is there a bruise in his elbow
Paige Gnazzo
Paige Gnazzo 14 kun oldin
Benny you are the best father and spouse!! Never feel like you’re not doing enough!!
Lovely M-Jay
Lovely M-Jay 15 kun oldin
What's crazy is that benny shops at the Walmart I work for...he's so chill
Jasmine Valdez
Jasmine Valdez 15 kun oldin
Lord those newborn days are sleepless, I breastfed both my kids so feeding time was all me unless I pumped, then my husband would take over, but I promise you it gets better!!
Axel Flores
Axel Flores 15 kun oldin
What happened to your grandpa
Jessica Lozano
Jessica Lozano 15 kun oldin
He looks like grandma Benny 💕💙
Elizabeth Murillo
Elizabeth Murillo 15 kun oldin
He has the cone head for how long alo took to push him out, even tho it was a long delivery glad everything came out great
Hennessy Flores
Hennessy Flores 15 kun oldin
You guys are great parents 👶🏻 !!!! He’s the cutest , I’m so happy for you guys 🤎 !!
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia 15 kun oldin
I wish Elsy had someone like Benny when she gave birth.
x_PogBoy50 15 kun oldin
she's the mum from dhar mann
Angie Rose
Angie Rose 15 kun oldin
Mannnnn the hurt of him for alo 😩 oh godddddd y’all pls rest & fuck it all lol y’all been keeping it so real & showing everything that nobody like talking about. 🙌🏼💙 y’all deserve a lil vacay alone after all the tough l&d & everything that’s been going on 💪🏼 we appreciate y’all & love y’all forever & if a break is ever needed, know THE REAL will be here when ur ready to come back 🥰
Crissy Lomeli
Crissy Lomeli 15 kun oldin
Everyone who is asking for updates y’all are selfish. I know you guys like to know what’s going on but being a new parent & whatever they are going through is not easy. You can’t expect so much from them. It’s hard enough making & editing videos. & it’s not cool to say “well you asked for this” y’all are not respecting their privacy & time that they need for each other.
Boss gaming world
Boss gaming world 15 kun oldin
Hi I saw u on Darhs vids
Angel 16 kun oldin
Who else is here from Dharr Mann
Chupapi Flameyayo
Chupapi Flameyayo 16 kun oldin
Yo what up Benny Im here from dhar Mann
Crystal Guzman
Crystal Guzman 16 kun oldin
Omg the vent sesh really got my throat hurting from holding back tears 😭 ahhh
Guadalupe Garcia
Guadalupe Garcia 16 kun oldin
In the end of the video Benny was like time to leave say your goodbye like he mad weird and the way he said it to like dang you don’t want them around bro that’s your family
Adriana G
Adriana G 16 kun oldin
I was 4 days postpartum and had to be admitted to the hospital. People don't understand giving birth is also almost taking your life. My hubby had to take my daughter to her first pediatrician appointment too 😢 he was overwhelmed and cried. This brought me memories of that day. Benny you're a real one. And Alo things will get better...
Kasi Smith
Kasi Smith 16 kun oldin
Father to father tip… After swaddling the baby in its blanket do some bouncing, and rocking left to right, left to right, left to right, while patting baby’s butt. So every time you go left you pat, and when you go right you pat. It creates a calming rhythm and motion. Try it! Hope i explained it good enough. If not I’ll shoot you a video through IG. Take care bro y’all will be ok. The first few months are always rough but in time it gets better. Y’all hold it down. Much love from Hawaii, aloha 🤙🏾
Kasi Smith
Kasi Smith 16 kun oldin
Man.. i could just feel your mom going back through time holding the baby and reminiscing back to when she first held you. Blessings 🙏🏾
van 16 kun oldin
Congratulations Benny on your handsome bundle of joy Baby Boy👶🍼👣💙 who looks all like you.. Family is always first 🥰
Stephanie Cabrero
Stephanie Cabrero 16 kun oldin
Your already an amazing daddy and alondra an amazing mommy ! Keep your head up you guys got this and god got yall 🙏 GBU guys 🤍
Mercedez 16 kun oldin
Could you do a video with your mom and alondras mom? I know you could come up with a good video concept with them two. Already said congratulations but once again congratulation on your healthy boy!
Diana Ramos
Diana Ramos 16 kun oldin
Hopefully she gets better soon 😢💕 God is good 🤍🙏🏼
Tabatha Cechvala
Tabatha Cechvala 16 kun oldin
A daddy and me video
Janay Perez
Janay Perez 16 kun oldin
You’re baby just the most perfect precious thing I’ve ever seen 😭😭😭💖💙💙💙💙 sorry y’all going through it take your days off you need 🙏🏻 hope y’all doing better!!
Lilia Chacon
Lilia Chacon 16 kun oldin
Ur such a great dad already omg🥺 and he looks sm like you!
Natii Colon
Natii Colon 16 kun oldin
Blessings ✨🙏🏽💕
Jennifer Villegas
Jennifer Villegas 16 kun oldin
Benny in the clinic is the most realest talk it just hit different!! He's a whole ass man sticking it through for Alo and the baby!!! Best of luck to your beautiful family!!!
Diana Perez
Diana Perez 16 kun oldin
Benny is such a good dad and partner he really seems to love his family and care more and more about them every day. Prayers for your little family & the baby seems sooo calm with Benny it’s cute!! The baby definitely heard his voice a lot when he was in the womb. His voice is comforting to his baby ❤️🥺🥰 love you guys!
Diana Perez
Diana Perez 16 kun oldin
He is precious!!!!❤️❤️🥺🤧❤️
V Nogales
V Nogales 16 kun oldin
I think the baby looks like your mom and Arianna , he has the same brown bone structure and eyebrow shape
Moni Navarro
Moni Navarro 16 kun oldin
Okay, but can we talk about how beautiful and well-put-together Benny’s mom always is? 😍 Her hair, nails, lashes, makeup always looks so chic and on point every time. Goals seriously! 🙌🏻✨
Samary Cazares
Samary Cazares 16 kun oldin
Alondra rough recovery could lead to PPD post partum depression. So just check up on her and ask her. A lot of women don’t talk about that disconnection you get from your baby.
ItsLo90 16 kun oldin
This is how I was with my first pregnancy . It was super hard pregnancy labor and postpartum. I think the hardest is the 1st month after that it gets better :)
Rainbow Girl
Rainbow Girl 17 kun oldin
u in darman o^o
Poison 17 kun oldin
Where you tired and wanted to sleep a lot n where you hungry when you didn’t have the baby
Mariajose !
Mariajose ! 17 kun oldin
i’m so sorry and congrats to your family but when benny said “i’d do anything for my family” all i could think was Dom Toretto LMAO
Dee Ramirez
Dee Ramirez 17 kun oldin
Just seen a story on you on Dhar Mann bro you the man ✊🏽✊🏽
Love S
Love S 17 kun oldin
Seve medio amarillito salgan en la mañana a que lede el sol cuando resien esta saliendo un ratito no es q lo saquen a broncearse
Love S
Love S 17 kun oldin
Ponle gorro para q sele forme bien la cabesita
Jesus Vargas
Jesus Vargas 17 kun oldin
That’s all Alo, don’t get it twisted my boy Lol LOOKS JUST LIKE MOMMA♥️
TheDabing- Prodigy22
Man I like how you pursued your dreams to be a rapper that’s why I’m going to work hard to be a singer when I’m older
Ambar Lozano
Ambar Lozano 17 kun oldin
Don’t worry about updating us! Family is first! 🤍
Iliana Bermudez
Iliana Bermudez 17 kun oldin
Awww its breaks my heart to hear Benny say he's at the babys second appointment and he's there alone cause alondra is in the ER 😭 not only is he hurting for alo he's dealing with the baby by himself
Valerie Marie Alameda
Bennys sister favors him alot.. Baby Soliven is the handsomiest baby ever! ❤️ so excited for yall and what God continues to give you guys in the future 😍 and for sure take care of Alo Baby And the family first we can wait 😊
Nancy Valdovinos
Nancy Valdovinos 17 kun oldin
I feel bad for Alo, the last thing you want is to have people over when you go home after giving birth! All you wanna do is rest!! Not hating though lol
Daniella Mata
Daniella Mata 3 kun oldin
I agree I love bennys family but yeah when I come out the hospital in a diaper bleeding clots out TMI I just wanna lay in bed with my baby & rest.
Nancy Valdovinos
Nancy Valdovinos 14 kun oldin
CaliD lol 😂 ok
CaliD 14 kun oldin
@Nancy Valdovinos yeah i dont believe youre a mom.
Nancy Valdovinos
Nancy Valdovinos 14 kun oldin
CaliD actually I am a mom! And that’s why I’m saying this! My mom was there the first month with me at my house to help but I meant just visitors! I did not want visitors at my house the first day back from the hospital! But everyone is different 💁🏻‍♀️
Maria Wells
Maria Wells 15 kun oldin
She didn’t seem to mind i mean she would’ve said something right
Ana Zael
Ana Zael 17 kun oldin
I hope you feel much better alondra God bless you and the family.🙏
Bianca Jimenez
Bianca Jimenez 17 kun oldin
Poor alondra! I hope she feels better take care of the family Benny 🤍
Heather Lee
Heather Lee 17 kun oldin
sending all the prayers and love for a quick recovery alo!! :(
Coriis Villa
Coriis Villa 17 kun oldin
He is the MOST CUTEST baby😫😫😫😫
Chhingi tlau
Chhingi tlau 17 kun oldin
Me from dhar mann
Sandra Reyes Diaz
Sandra Reyes Diaz 17 kun oldin
It gets easier it’s just the first few months that are rough as a new parent
Sandra Reyes Diaz
Sandra Reyes Diaz 17 kun oldin
I cried 😭 that’s all ima say
adriana ayala
adriana ayala 17 kun oldin
What’s the baby’s name ?
LAURA MORALES 17 kun oldin
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes 17 kun oldin
Such a good daddy!! Proud of y’all ❤️
Lupe Bernal
Lupe Bernal 17 kun oldin
Congrats on baby ! remind Alondra she has to take cate of her self for 40 days get lots of sleep and rest very important to eat often aka well ask for help that help as out a lot . Let your mom help as long as she can trust me parents love helping out they feel useful good luck guys love you guys this will help you a lot trust me i’m 42 now and i got help when needed it
Kimberly Eldewik
Kimberly Eldewik 17 kun oldin
My prayers go out to you and your new family! Just remember God is watching over y’all and will never put more on you than you can handle. Stay strong y’all got this. Oh yeah Baby boy is sooo adorable! They make it all worth it the moment you see them for the first time🥲 Good luck❤️
Tin Bernas
Tin Bernas 17 kun oldin
We've recently launched a book business called Personalised Children's Books, they are personalised learning books and we have FREE downloadable materials for your kids! I'll be happy to send it xx
Tin Bernas
Tin Bernas 11 kun oldin
@Ana Mercado I can email it to you!
Ana Mercado
Ana Mercado 15 kun oldin
Thats awesome you should post the link on here 💕
Anthony 0224
Anthony 0224 18 kun oldin
Dhar Mann your from 🧐
GeminiGlitters Tarot
Aww you’re such a lovely dad , like I almost got emotional because the way you are so caring reminds me of my dad .
Monique Perez
Monique Perez 18 kun oldin
Congrats on your new baby boy he is so gorgeous he looks just like you and Alondra you got this? 🙏🙏👶
lesly nathaly jacovo
Love your shirt! "Callateeeeee"
vanessa henriquez
vanessa henriquez 18 kun oldin
Prayers to you and your family ❤️
Amanda V.
Amanda V. 18 kun oldin
Does anyone know why influencers always promote their “discount codes” for sites. Does it benefit them ?! Just curious!
Amanda V.
Amanda V. 12 kun oldin
@Laurel Y oh wow
Laurel Y
Laurel Y 12 kun oldin
@Amanda V. they make a percentage of the total amount that people who used the discount code spent
Amanda V.
Amanda V. 17 kun oldin
@Alyssa Mariee a little percentage of your total or what ??
Alyssa Mariee
Alyssa Mariee 17 kun oldin
They get a little percentage of money when you use their code
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