BABY IS ALMOST HERE! + Surprising Sister For Her Bday! 

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16-Iyn, 2021



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J M 8 kun oldin
Does anyone know where we can order that lil gift box from
Jadzia Rose
Jadzia Rose 23 kun oldin
I love alondras laugh when she’s with him. I’m so happy for her, I hope they are happy and healthy♥️♥️🙌🏼
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 27 kun oldin
Benny your the best brother I never get regalos on my birthday from my brothers not even a hug 😂🥺
Paulina Coronado
Paulina Coronado 29 kun oldin
Where did you get the card ? I want to give this to my bf for his birthday 🎂
Soraya Camacho
I love your little sister my sister and your sister would get along really good I love how your sister is so humble for a 16 year old girl that is starting to turn into a woman and I just wanted to tell you this you are blessed to have a amazing,beautiful,loving, and caring little sister I just want you to tell her that no matter what people say about her or what goes on in her life to just know that she is good enough and that everyone loves her and you are so blessed to have a beautiful sister❤️!!!! Love from Colorado!!!! ❤️
Avery Tan
Avery Tan Oy oldin
Benny I see you in d har Mann that was good so I search you and I found you
Vanessa Arroyo
Awww that card Benny did was so cute and thoughtful. He is a great big brother and going to be a good dad
Liana Soares
Liana Soares Oy oldin
The sister is pretty. She's got a cute little face.
anaayeli Cornejo
Benny you so cute my guy 🥺 why you so danm thoughtful ♡
Jessi MLC
Jessi MLC Oy oldin
Grama stays with the outfits
Heily Mendoza
Heily Mendoza Oy oldin
I just love the vibe of the fam and alo fits in perfectttt
Alejandria Diego
I absolutely love the cupcake in a box with the pic and butterflies!!! Where can I order one?
Nick Law
Nick Law Oy oldin
Benny You have orbs around you there are always with you very protected by your angles
Anayeli Quintero
Where did you get that custom box ?
Anayeli Quintero
I was about to cry for your mom no cap 😭😭 that is soooo cutee
MrJavi2424 Oy oldin
Pet the dog
Rosy B
Rosy B Oy oldin
You’re such a nice brother,beautiful sister and family.
Day by Day
Day by Day Oy oldin
Awww your sister is so 😍 So different from girls these days.
Nicholas Luequee
Far youth come from
Wendy Bojorquez
Benny is so sweet! This just shows how a great dad he will be. But can someone tell me where he got that sweet gift from???? These butterflies coming out were so cute!!!!
mbell3597 Oy oldin
Eyyyy Stockton! 🥰
The H.I.C Family
I love that benny makes alondra happy and laughing everytime
Janine Estrada
Im crying 😥thats so sweet , i miss my brother He passed this dec past during last peak of covid & his bday is in a couple of days It was always just me & him my only sibling Awwww yahhhh shes so adorable!!
Belen Leal
Belen Leal Oy oldin
Benny is lit
Jhong Salcedo Official
Hello Benny im inspired your vedio in Dhar Man..im a small UZblockr also..Happy Father's Day
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez Oy oldin
I feel like this is Benny saying alright fam I’m probably not gonna be able to be around slot anymore cause I’m going to be with my baby and my family! And that says a lot about him is all love w him honestly.. he don’t want his family to feel abandoned with his life changing.. that’s super cute .. is Ike his own way of “nesting”
Yash Anand
Yash Anand Oy oldin
I am here cuz of dar mann
Shaan Arman
Shaan Arman Oy oldin
Subscribed after watching your story on Dhar Mann
Essentially Retro
Wait hes real ?? Lol shit congrats
Lilly Robles
Lilly Robles Oy oldin
I want to know where you got the little box❤️that’s a beautiful gift🎁
Maria Loves ACE
I didnt even get a happy birthday 😕😕
Kris Bee
Kris Bee Oy oldin
Aww she's so sweet.. 😁
Sherrie Medellin
Sherrie Medellin
I wanna see the baby C’mon please 💕🙏
Itzel Farias
Itzel Farias Oy oldin
your mom is literally the cutest it’s like you surprised her too😭
Journeyman kichutzar Vlog
Coming from Dar man Vlog..... So inspire ❤️❤️🙏 God bles u Lots of love from Nagaland India
Hassan Sayed
Hassan Sayed Oy oldin
Here from dhar mann videos
V K Oy oldin
Hey bro i request you to get your channel verified,,,,😁🤗
Mayling Ayala
Mayling Ayala Oy oldin
As soon as Ariana started walking with the big oh box my mind went “it’s something Dior because if you adore her you Dior her” I knew it.🥺💕
Juan bernal
Juan bernal Oy oldin
I saw u on dhar mann
Senorita Oy oldin
is baby ok?
Rose Ronquillo
I think ur sister would understand that you can’t make it for her bday. U should be with Alondra right now since she could have gone into labor. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Alondra might say she’s ok with it but deep down any girl would be like wtf
Yuri Gutierrez
Benny you look so tired and sleep deprive pero can you imagine how an amazing future is coming for you ? A successful business and a beautiful family .your a humble person and so is your family . God bless you guys
Eli F
Eli F Oy oldin
Archives Oy oldin
Who's here after watching benny from Dhar Mann 😬😊😊😊
Shallom abraham
anyone else that got this channel from dhar mann?! I'm sure a Lotta people did
sg quise
sg quise Oy oldin
Who’s here from dhar man
Ana Barcenas
Ana Barcenas Oy oldin
Where is the box from how cuutee
amor7able Oy oldin
You a great person bro got bless you
Aura Buensuceso
Lol I just watched your story on Dhar Mann!
YoMomma LittleOne
This whole family is good looking. S/o to Bennys Grandmaaaa for bringing this family together in life 💚
Rach3l F
Rach3l F Oy oldin
The fact that Benny just took a flight to wish his sister a Happy BIRTHDAY...and to fly back same day. You know he is a good man.. worried about Alondra.. What a man!!!LIRERATTLY... 🙌👏
Joselyn Ruiz
Joselyn Ruiz Oy oldin
Happy birthday Ariana! God bless you
Imelda Impas
Imelda Impas Oy oldin
Hello Benny i was so amazed while seeing your story at Dhar Man i was so inspired to that even when you work as a stock boy and your evil boss js humilaiting you...i was so impress of your pursuant..Now im.following you and subs you in your channel..my You Tue channel is for my goals to help the orpahns and my hearts belong to as well on my Church Mjnistry.. Keep safe and a Happt Dad God bless Benny and Alondra.
Joaquin Fernandez
Im here because of Dhar mann
DEMON Oy oldin
From Dhar Mann
Starr G
Starr G Oy oldin
I just saw your story in Dhar Mann. You have to leap out sometimes out of the safe zone.
cassandre saint louis
I just realized that ur channel is real after watching dhar mann
Bob Leeder
Bob Leeder Oy oldin
New subscriber
charlenef.g Oy oldin
Y’all were def raised RIGHT! Momma did THAT!
charlenef.g Oy oldin
Love how family oriented Benny is!! He’s gonna be such a good dad 🥺
Karinelle Santiago
Its the exciting smile she gets when she sees her older brother ❤️🥺! Thats me when my older brother comes over to visit. Hes 34 and im 24 and its the same reaction every time 🥰
Butterfly Kisses
CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!! 🙏WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY SOLIVEN!! WE ALL HAVE ANXIOUSLY BEEN WAITING FOR YOUR ARRIVAL 💙🧸🦒🦒 P.S. Your Mommy is right, you will never be bored because Your Daddy is A Super Fun Guy!! 🙏 GOD IS GOOD🙏
Jenielyn Mendoza
I watch your vlog and I watch your video on dhar Mann channel and i though it was scripted and I searched your name on yt then I really shocked and keep it up I'm so proud of you 😊 god bless you❤️ can you notice me Benny 😊
Jennifer Caceres
Soooo happy that baby is here💙💙💙
Jordan Broughton
Soooo it’s June 9th in the video and I’m watching this on the 21st wonder if the baby has been born yet???
Nid H
Nid H Oy oldin
omg i seen you in darh man
Mariana Avila
Mariana Avila Oy oldin
Wait a min, wait a min, me and yo sis share birthdays and age 🥳 sending love and positive vibes❤️
Liliana V
Liliana V Oy oldin
21:18 🤣🤣🤣
A&K Team
A&K Team Oy oldin
Me waiting for a baby update like 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️
Vilmarie Gonzalez
I love your vids
Jjcmj 99
Jjcmj 99 Oy oldin
Why is everyone saying alondra is in labor 🤷🏻‍♀️
Karen Morales
Karen Morales Oy oldin
Cause she was check her Twitter
Maritza Gonzalez
Where did you order ariana gift with the pictures? That is so cute I would like to do that
Xiomy Sanchez
Xiomy Sanchez Oy oldin
Guys tell benny he should neve give up
Joana Oy oldin
& get pregnant my dumass is pregnant now lmao
VAMPY_ MUA Oy oldin
We literally watched Ariana grow up on your channel and now your baby an more kids to come 😇 happy birthday to Ariana 🎉🎉
Isabel Lopez
Isabel Lopez Oy oldin
Happy birthday 🎂
Amanda Medina
Amanda Medina Oy oldin
Your sister is so beautiful God bless her!! Happy Birthday Beautifullll!!! 🥳🎉🙏🏽♥️
Ipyo Oy oldin
If they’re baby is born before or the day of elsys daughter they’re literally gonna be like Irish twins
Lees Adel
Lees Adel Oy oldin
Bruhh next time u fly to Stockton, fly into SMF Sac Airport. It’s literally only 1 hr away on hwy 99 to I-5. Don’t ever fly into the bay airport.
Maria Azaola
Maria Azaola Oy oldin
Maya Lesoli
Maya Lesoli Oy oldin
Go through Oakland airport next for trips like this. You can get there an hour before your local flight and still be good.
MythicEric9 Oy oldin
Who’s here from Dhar Mann?
nai saetern
nai saetern Oy oldin
Alondra and Benny son is going to be very lucky to have benny
nai saetern
nai saetern Oy oldin
Benny took care of his sister ever since she was a baby
nai saetern
nai saetern Oy oldin
Alondra is very lucky to have benny in her life
nai saetern
nai saetern Oy oldin
Benny is going to be the best dad ever
Victoria Vera
Victoria Vera Oy oldin
Your sister is so angelic and beautiful. Happy Birthday mija. God bless you and your growing family.
Arianna perez
Arianna perez Oy oldin
HAPPY Father's Day
Ale Montiel
Ale Montiel Oy oldin
where is that custom birthday box from it’s so cute!!!
Jessica Gomez
Jessica Gomez Oy oldin
SFO airport is the worst but it was such a cute video with your sister!
Jennifer Martinez
Ahhh can’t wait for baby soliven to be here🤎🤎🤎
bluxcid Oy oldin
Happy Fathers Day! Congratulations on ur baby boy!
Yesenia Oy oldin
Let me find out we have the same bday! Gemini season! Happy bday Ari! 🥳🎉💞
lizbeth v zavala
Does anyone know where I can get the same customized card ?
kamel Amrouci
kamel Amrouci Oy oldin
Congratulations on your new baby Who am I 😌: An active person in society and a true male who loves girls. About the kyphosis I had the same problem as yours I swear I fixed it in a year and a half and now I'm full of muscles and my back is wide and flat and I walk like a peacock in front of real girls (the female who has boobs and a vagina) here's the solution First, believe in yourself Secondly, pull ups with weights, weights help extend your spine, third, always sleep on your back on a hard surface without a pillow, fourth, keep your back straight, fifth, rope pulling exercises of all kinds, for the love of God, do not do the dead lift, it will make it worse, apply these golden tips and thank me later
Melina Estrada
such a wholesome man, checks on alondra to make sure she’s fine along with the baby and did everything to surprise his baby sister 😪❤️ good men still exist
Giselle Berenice
Hope the baby came out safe kinda worried they haven’t made updates
YoMomma LittleOne
Alo had the baby already ... If i'm not mistaken ... On father's day !
Sofia Castro
Sofia Castro Oy oldin
They’re enjoying their time with the baby
Selina Ramirez
Ain’t no place like home 🏡 209 baby
Verania Raymundo
I have my cc on and everytime he said Alondra it spells out laundry 😂
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