Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven
Obuna 1.2 mln
Laisani Saula
Laisani Saula 4 soat oldin
Fresh in your baby diaper
Jennifer Cortez
Jennifer Cortez 8 soat oldin
It’s so adorable how he smiles with Benny ❤️
Ashley Quilat
Ashley Quilat 8 soat oldin
OMG. i didn’t know you were from Stockton Benny. ahhhhh i’m so happy because i’m born and raised here and still here. i wish i saw you guys when you were down here.
Miriam Campos
Miriam Campos 8 soat oldin
Best “Hello Fresh” advertisement ever. Thanks for the code!! lol Love lil Bennys middle name!!
Elizabeth Rodas
Elizabeth Rodas 9 soat oldin
Too adorable!! 🥺
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 9 soat oldin
Great Grandma is so pretty!!
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 9 soat oldin
Your Mama. Is Beautiful 😍 ❤
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 9 soat oldin
Love Elton John song
Janice Parra
Janice Parra 9 soat oldin
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 9 soat oldin
Looking great Benny!
nanas v
nanas v 10 soat oldin
eddies pizza 😂💯
ashley gomez
ashley gomez 12 soat oldin
love the videos
Shadenxox6 12 soat oldin
the only things I don't like about these songs is the racial slurs, maybe I'll understand it more when I'm more used to these and more mature
Ana Rubio
Ana Rubio 12 soat oldin
@7:12 lol
Debbie Sandoval
Debbie Sandoval 14 soat oldin
Wow yea that's all Benny and Pops and the kids for sure He's so cute! 😍😍🥰 Congrats again Alo & Benny
NobodyMeh 14 soat oldin
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman 15 soat oldin
The way he laughed fancy.they probably wiped their sweat afterwards with a $100 bill lol
Luicifer.x 16 soat oldin
Me crying all over again in 2021 😂.
Agueda Valdez
Agueda Valdez 16 soat oldin
Adali Ortega
Adali Ortega 17 soat oldin
Never knew Benny made the reputation song
Elena Gonzales
Elena Gonzales 18 soat oldin
When alo said “it’s better than Olive Garden” and Benny goes “shit it better it’s a 5star restaurant” lol 😂
Jasmine Leos
Jasmine Leos 18 soat oldin
This video was so wholesome. I laughed and made this face 🥺 so many times. Love how supportive Bennys friends are. 🙏🏼❤️
Anthony Avila
Anthony Avila 18 soat oldin
Did you record the intro on yo phone ma boi
lilia L
lilia L 18 soat oldin
He is adorable 🤩 please don't let anyone touch his little face or kiss him his immune system still weak and we grown ups are full of harmful bacteria.
Paulina Armenta
Paulina Armenta 19 soat oldin
Who paused on Alo's booty? 🤣
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez 19 soat oldin
Maritsa Garcia
Maritsa Garcia 20 soat oldin
OMG YES! Get Alo and Legend into Marvel!!!
D G 20 soat oldin
And now Alo and him have a baby 🥰❤️
Isabel Barreras
Isabel Barreras 21 soat oldin
9:09 @bennysoliven manifestation at its finest!!!
Briana Young
Briana Young 21 soat oldin
Wait Benny’s really 31???….
VibewithFaith Kun oldin
Who’s watching when they had the baby?
karin paredes
karin paredes Kun oldin
Lmao nah Benny was smooth w the delivery 😂
Candy Paredes
Candy Paredes Kun oldin
25:50 had me ctfuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Bentleys fun games
such good vibes.. God bless you guys!!
Meemz S
Meemz S Kun oldin
omg i love you guys smmm! he looks just like benny and ariana!!!! <3 bennnyyyyyy when you getting his name tatted!! BABY LEDGYYYY <3
Yolanda Reyna
Yolanda Reyna Kun oldin
“Them other dudes lame I’ll do you right “ YASSSS Benny did Alo right and now they have a baby! I love them 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Janelly Maldonado
He looks like Benny and hella like his sister!!!
Renee Ann
Renee Ann Kun oldin
He said I have a gf 😂 he’s so fine tho
manny&alex TRU
manny&alex TRU Kun oldin
🔥 for sure so funny at the end Maria don't know what to do here looks like a bobble head dancing so funny ahahahahah
Ariana Rojas
Ariana Rojas Kun oldin
He looks like your mom
Cindy Fernandez
Cindy Fernandez Kun oldin
omggg yall went to Tiger Yogurt... yes CASH ONLY I knoww
Ben Tran
Ben Tran Kun oldin
:OOOOOO I see you on dhar mann so I visit you here
Jessica Gameros
Jessica Gameros Kun oldin
His name is benny legend soliven yall ! And they are going to call him by him middle name 💙😇
Haydee Cano
Haydee Cano Kun oldin
Your mom is so excited to be a grandma she doesn’t even know with to do lol
Lidia LAU
Lidia LAU Kun oldin
I-m so happy for you!
SH0TTA Kun oldin
my guy probably got the beat from blue face type beats
Noemi M
Noemi M Kun oldin
bruh was the intro recorded on an android😂
Karely Fernandez
Now the only video we need left is Benny proposing to alo 🥺😭
Mariah Vylet
Mariah Vylet Kun oldin
did he ever say that he did a remix of Cant Let You Go by Fabolous or is he straight up stealing this whole song and claiming it as his ????? SOMEONE PLS TELL ME
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Kun oldin
Dhar Man anyone
AustinPlays Kun oldin
yo its the dude from dhar man
Star831 Kun oldin
Benny mocking that guys laugh 😂
Mia Flores
Mia Flores Kun oldin
Sabrina Grace
Sabrina Grace Kun oldin
awww you guys should’ve tried that bomb ass crepe shop on pier 39
Dione Bonilla
Dione Bonilla Kun oldin
Bro! I passed Stockton homie. Thinking about your town homie. Dope homie. I was in Yupa.
Stephanie Thongbangbay
Tigers yogurt bomb! Can’t believe y’all in town🥰
Rose Ramos
Rose Ramos Kun oldin
He looks like mom & sis !!!
Ariana L
Ariana L Kun oldin
“We’re feeling so petty today” 💀
Lupe Del Río
Lupe Del Río Kun oldin
The fact that Benny is so humble and always comes back home to be with his fam & brings Alondras around and show her places she’s never been to. It’s so cute!! Many blessings to y’all 💗 bay areaaaa in the house I would’ve recognized you guys real quick 🥺
Karla Mejia
Karla Mejia Kun oldin
26:16 stoppp I can’t with u guys😂😂
Karla Mejia
Karla Mejia Kun oldin
The laugh😂👍🏼👍🏼
Crystal Novoa
Crystal Novoa Kun oldin
🥰🤗 Baby boy sooo cuteeee ! 🥰🥰
Angie Rose
Angie Rose Kun oldin
Lmfao how he said I go 10 u go 90 😂 my man too but he says that’s the best view 😂 iykyk
Shawkat Jamil
Shawkat Jamil 2 kun oldin
Kusyta_14 Sotomayor
I love this video … we need this daily vlogs u guys r too funny , cute and just make my day all the time I see both of u videos 🥰🥰😘😘
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar 2 kun oldin
I’m so dead how Benny started making those noises at 23:46 😂💀 love u guys btw❤️
Divine Mary Onyi
Divine Mary Onyi 2 kun oldin
Benny where is ur earrings? Love you guys from Nigeria.
Krystal Tello
Krystal Tello 2 kun oldin
Wasn’t his mom supposed to get her teeth done? What even happened? Just curious!
Roxana Romero
Roxana Romero 2 kun oldin
Both of my grandma's are gone... so this was a sobbing wonderful surprise
Guero Palma
Guero Palma 2 kun oldin
Already leaving legend with the grandma bad parents might as well leave him to tre tre oh carter
Xo Diorr
Xo Diorr 2 kun oldin
Benny grandmother looks a focking mazing 🥺😍 like top tier Beautiful 🖤
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 2 kun oldin
"Thomas, ...calm down, boy." Such a protective dad moment. I love it. We love a hands-on DaddyBenny. & Him missing Baby Legend while out on their date. super cute. It's great seeing young parents raising their children with so much love 💕 y'all are doing *"chef's kiss"*
Mary Castro
Mary Castro 2 kun oldin
i love them sm🥲 i miss this haircut he had!
J E 2 kun oldin
Baby Soliven looks just like his Grandpa... he's just too cute.!!🤗
_Princesa Hernandez
The fact that I also live in Stockton is insane I hope I get to meet you guys one day ❤️🙏🏼
Amanda Battle
Amanda Battle 2 kun oldin
The baby is so cute🥺🥺 He’s a good mix of mom and dad!
Leonardo Anselmo
Leonardo Anselmo 2 kun oldin
Omg is you from dArman I love the vlogs when you were I darman
Kim N
Kim N 2 kun oldin
When benny point to the lettuce on the burger “whata”
Alexis Lechuga
Alexis Lechuga 2 kun oldin
He is too fucking cute I can’t 😭😍 I feel like he looks a lot like alo too 😌 & If you guys like chai try the Christmas morning iced. Bomb af